Monday, January 25, 2021

Electoral Reforms and Simultaneous Elections - Panel discussion

Electoral Reforms and Simultaneous Elections  - Panel discussion with Dr Sudarsana Nachiappan and T S Krishnamurthy

In an exclusive conversation with NGPL, Dr E M Sudarsana Nachiappan and Mr T S Krishnamurthy have shared their views on Electoral Reforms and Simultaneous Elections.

Dr E M Sudarsana Nachiappan, is the Former MoS in Government of India during Dr Manmohan Singh regime and Chairman of Rajya Sabha Committee on Public grievances, Law and Justice. As the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee, he has presented two reports on this subject to Parliament. Report No 18 on Electoral Reforms and Report 79 on Simultaneous Elections.

Shri T S Krtishnamurthy was the Chief Election Commissioner of India and the first consolidated petition was given by him in 2004 to the then Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh giving out various suggestions for Electoral Reforms.

Please watch their conversation.


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