Sunday, February 16, 2020

NGPL organises workshop on Communication and Personality Development at Chennai on 15th Feb 2020 for young leaders

NGPL workshop on communication for young political leaders
Participants with leaders
NGPL brings together young and senior leaders of all parties in a single platform

Next Gen Political Leaders (NGPL), a registered NGO has organised a full day workshop on 15th Feb 2020 at Madras Management Association (MMA) building on 'Communication and Personality Development for Young leaders'. Young political leaders and political aspirants belonging to all parties participated. Even Senior leaders from all parties shared their experience. The uniqueness of this workshop was that all ideologically opposite leaders were very coordial respecting each others views.

NGPL is the fifth initiative of monthly eMagazine PreSense, published by Prime Point Foundation.

Smt. G Priyadarshini (National President of NGPL) and Sri Sridhar Raj (Executive President of Tamil nadu Chapter) welcomed and shared the roadmap of NGPL.

In the first session, Shri M Selvaraj, CPI MP from Nagapattinam and Dr Jayakumar, Congress MP from Thiruvallur shared the functions of Parliament. This session was moderated by Prime Point Srinivasan.
In the second session, Prime Point Srinivasan made a presentation on "How to build brand image for political leaders".

In the third session, Shri V Rajendran (Chairman, Digital Security Association of India) and Shri Pradhan (Ethical hacker) made presentations of the cyber security aspects.

There was an Elocution competion among the participants, managed well by Smt. Nandini Alagar of Congress Party. 6 participants made presentation on 'the expectations from youth in the politics'. The topper Shri Rajesh was given a prize.

In the fifth session, Sri Ravindran Doraiswamy and Smt Bhanu Gomes (both political analysts) shared their views on the communication and the speaking skills required for young leaders. Sri Nurullah, Senior Journalist moderated this session.

In the last and final session, Sri D Kuppuramu (Senior Vice President of BJP, Tamil Nadu) and Dr VPB Paramasivam AIADMK MLA from Vedasanthur shared their views and advices to grow in political career. This session was moderated by Smt. G Priyadarshni, National President of NGPL.

Sri Hemanth Annadurai from DMK proposed vote of thanks.

Around 70 young leaders from different parties participated. Interestingly, Sri D Kuppuramu, Senior Vice President of BJP attended the full programme from 9.30 am till the end taking notes like any other young participant.

"Though, I have nearly 40 years of political experience, I learn daily from everybody. This workshop has given me an opportunity to meet various young and senior leaders of all parties and learn from them. I continue to be a student of politics" said Shri Kuppuramu in a humble tone.

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Constitution Day celebration by Delhi Chapter - Interactive session with Hon'ble Justice A K Patnaik

(Members of NGPL Delhi Chapter with Hon'ble Justice A K Patnaik)

Next Gen Political Leaders (NGPL), Delhi Chapter celebrated ‘Constitution Day’ at Delhi on Friday, 29th November 2019.  Hon’ble Justice A K Patnaik, Former Judge, Supreme Court of India was the Chief Guest.  He interacted with the participants on ‘Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles’. Shri Srinivasa Prabhu, Joint Secretary of Lok Sabha Secretariat discussed about the ‘Fundamental Rights’ enshrined in the Indian Constitution. 

Young Political Leaders, Political aspirants and students from different Universities participated in the event.  Smt. Priyadharshini, President of Delhi Chapter and Deputy Editor of PreSense organised this event.

Later, the members also visited Parliament Museum to understand the history of Parliament and the Indian democracy.

NGPL is one of the initiatives of your eMagazine PreSense. 

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

NGPL TN Celebrates Constitution Day on 26th November 2019

Justice Shri Jagadeesan addressing the audience
NGPL Tamil Nadu Chapter celebrated Constitution Day on 26th November 2019 at Dr MGR Janaki College of Arts and Science for women, Chennai.  Justice Shri Jagadeesan, Retd. Judge of Madras High Court was the Chief Guest.  Former Mayor of Chennai Shri Saidai Duraiswamy, Group Captain Vijayakumar (ED, Madras Management Association) and Dr Latha Rajendran (Correspondent of the College) were the Guests of honour.

Young political leaders across all parties and students participated.  The speakers explained the importance of the Indian Constitution.  Speakers also explained the Fundamental Duties enshrined in the Constitution.

Shri U Sridhar Raj, President of NGPL TN welcomed the gathering.  Smt. Priyadarshni Udayabanu, Managing Committee Member proposed vote of thanks.

Friday, November 1, 2019

NGPL Delhi Chapter launched

NGPL Chapter launched at Delhi on the Gandhi Jayanthi Day
NGPL Chapter launched at Delhi on the Gandhi Jayanthi Day
Next Gen Political Leaders (NGPL), one of the initiatives of this eMagazinePreSense and launched in October 2019 at Chennai,inaugurated the Delhi Chapter on 2nd October 2019 at the National Gandhi Museum, Delhi in the presence of Shri Annamalai, Director of the Museum and a Gandhian. 

NGPL is an off-shoot of the Sansad Ratna Awards. G. Priya Dharshni, a Supreme Court Advocate and the Secretary of the Sansad Ratna Awards Committee has been nominated as President of NGPL Delhi Chapter.  
NGPL members in the Parliament House
The Delhi team, led by Priya Dharshni visited the Parliament House on 10th October 2019 to learn about Parliamentary proceedings. 

Presently, NGPL has two chapters viz. Tamil Nadu and Delhi.  NGPL plans to open chapters in other states too, to develop and train young political leaders across all parties.  Outstanding Parliamentarians will be mentoring the political aspirants and young political leaders.

Both the Delhi and Tamil Nadu Chapters of NGPL will be celebrating Indian Constitution Day on 26th November 2019 at Delhi and Chennai respectively. 

Those interested may contact

Source: Oct 2019 issue of PreSense

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

NGPL workshop on 'Electoral Reforms'

NGPL workshop on electoral eforms in May 2019

Next Gen Political Leaders (NGPL), one of the initiatives of your eMagazinePreSense and an offshoot of the Sansad Ratna Awards organised the third workshop at Chennai on Sunday, 19th May 2019.  NGPL was formed to educate prospective next gen political leaders on the various aspects of parliamentary and democratic procedures and to develop their leadership skills. Fifty young participants from across all political parties coming from various parts of Tamil Nadu State, participated.

In the first session, Shri R Bhagwan Singh (Executive Editor, Deccan Chronicle) and Shri Ravindran Duraiswamy (Political analyst) shared their views about political communication. During the second session, Shri S K Kharvendhan (Former Member of Parliament and Patron of NGPL) and Shri Srinivasa Prabhu (Joint Secretary of Lok Sabha Secretariat) interacted with the participants on the development of leadership skills and knowledge about democracy.  The new logo for NGPL was launched by Shri S K Kharvendhan. In the third session, Dr M Rajendran IAS (Election Commissioner for TN State Cooperative Societies) briefed about the elections in the cooperative system.In the fourth session, contestants for the Member of Parliament seats, Shri DhehlanBaqavi (Central Chennai) and Shri A GMourya (North Chennai) shared their on-field experience.  Shri T K Rangarajan, Rajya Sabha MP chaired the session.  The panellists demanded that electoral reforms should provide for more powers to the Election Commission.

Hon’ble Justice Shri S K Krishnan (Retd Judge of Madras High Court) presented the participation certifications.

Shri Sridhar Raj, President of NGPL announced that similar workshops would be held in other centres too.  SmtPriyadharshini and Shri M R Elangovan, Secretaries were working on conducting similar workshops at Delhi and Tiruchirapalli (Tamil Nadu), he said.

Source : May 2019 issue of PreSense

Monday, March 4, 2019

Seminar on '16th Lok Sabha at a glance' - PreSense index to evaluate the performance of Lok Sabha

Prime Point Srinivasan making presentation.  Shri S K Kharvendhan and Shri S S Ramasubbu are looking on
Prime Point Srinivasan making presentation.  Shri S K Kharvendhan and Shri S S Ramasubbu are looking on
On 2nd March 2019, Prime Point Srinivasan made a presentation on "16th Lok Sabha at a glance" in a seminar organised by Next Gen Political Leaders (NGPL) at Dr MGR Janaki College of Arts and Science for women, Chennai.   During his presentation, he compared the performance of 14th, 15th and 16th Lok Sabha.  He also explained the new index developed by the eMagazine PreSense to evaluate the performance of Lok Sabha.  This index is known PreSense Lok Sabha index.

Please read the cover story in the February 2019 issue of eMagazine PreSense in the following link.

Shri S Karvendhan (Former MP and outstanding performer of 14th Lok Sabha) and Shri S S Ramasubbu (Former MP and outstanding performer of 15th Lok Sabha) were present as 'experts' to offer their views and comments on the performance of the Lok Sabha.  

The presentation and the expert views can be watched in the YouTube.

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Interactive Session with Shri N Gopalswamy, former Chief Election Commissioner on 'Electoral reforms'

R Nurullah interacts with N Gopalswamy, former chief election commissioner
R Nurullah interacts with N Gopalswamy
NGPL organised a Seminar on '16th Lok Sabha at a glance' on 2nd March 2019 at Dr MGR Janaki College, Chennai.  There was an interactive session with Shri N Gopalswamy, Former Chief Election Commissioner of India. Shri R nurullah, Senior journalist moderated the discussion.  Shri Gopalswamy shared his views on the Elections and electoral reforms.

The proceedings can be watched in this YouTube.

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