Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Best brains in the World are busy in solving the problems of the rich - Dr Sam Pitroda

Dr Sam Pitroda exclusive conversation with Priyadharshni Rahul

 n a freewheeling conversation with editorial team of eMagazine PreSense, Dr Sam Pitroda, Father of Indian IT and Telecom revolution shared his views on varied areas like Technolgy for education, banking and agriculture, digital security, role of youth in developing exclusive OS for India, his own role during telecom revolution in India during 1990s, etc.

He observed that best brains in the world were busy in solving the problems of the rich.
Dr Sam Pitroda was in conversation with Susan Koshy, Editor in Chief, PreSense and Priyadharshni Rahul, Deputy Editor of PreSense. It was recorded through Zoom and Dr Sam Pitroda spoke from Chicago.
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